Collection: Acrylic Plaques

Welcome to our "Acrylic Plaques Collection," where timeless elegance meets personalized expression. Explore our exquisite selection of printed and engraved acrylic plaques, designed to commemorate life's special moments. From heartwarming heart and paw print shapes to charming puzzle and star designs, our curated collection offers a variety of shapes and styles to suit every occasion. Choose from square, dome, circle, or holiday ornament shapes to create a stunning centerpiece for your home or office. Whether you're celebrating love, friendship, or achievements, our acrylic plaques serve as beautiful reminders of cherished memories. Personalize your plaque with custom engravings or printed messages to make it truly unique. Discover the perfect acrylic plaque to capture the essence of your most treasured moments and create a lasting impression.

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Here are the photo instructions:

Capture the perfect shot with these helpful tips, whether it's your loved ones, beloved pets, or any other subject! If you're unable to follow these guidelines exactly, don't worry! Our dedicated team carefully reviews all submitted photos to ensure the best outcome.

If your photo doesn't meet our requirements, we'll notify you ASAP of receiving your order and assist you in selecting a more suitable one!

• Opt for close-up shots for the best results.

• Take the photo at eye level with your subject.

• Utilize natural daylight and avoid using flash.

• Encourage your loved ones, beloved pets, or any other subject to sit or stay still to prevent blurriness.

• Ensure that all features, including long floppy ears, are fully visible in the frame for pets and cats.

• Use high-definition (HD) photos to capture every detail accurately.

Capture those precious moments and share them with us!